For years, Americans expected their health insurance to be provided by their employers. Health coverage came standard with most jobs, and many people never worried about paying their doctor and hospital bills.

Those days are gone. Today, the rising cost of healthcare means that most companies can’t afford to offer coverage. And now more and more people are looking at individual health insurance.

Individual Health Makes More Sense

Many people think that individual health coverage is more expensive that group health coverage. And many people think it’s hard to find individual coverage that offers comprehensive health protection.

The reality is that individual health insurance offers several advantages over group health insurance. Sure, it’d be nice if your boss paid ever last dime of your health premium — but that’s getting rarer and rarer. Employers keep shifting more costs onto their employee’s shoulders. For many American workers, every few months means a bigger chunk of their paycheck going to pay for their “employer-sponsored” insurance policy. And many workers are finding that these insurance policies leave plenty to be desired.

The Advantages Of Having Your Own Health Policy
There are several advantages to owning your own health policy.

  • The right coverage for you. With group coverage, everyone gets stuffed into the same policy. You end up paying for benefits you’ll never use… and your own unique healthcare needs often get overlooked. In an individual policy, you get health coverage that’s tailored for you.
  • Coverage you can keep. Leave a job, and you leave behind your employer-sponsored coverage. But with an individual policy, you can go wherever your career path takes you — and your health insurance comes with you.
  • You are only responsible for yourself. In a group policy, the cost of healthcare is spread out among everyone. That means you end up paying for everyone else’s health choices. With individual coverage, you only pay for your health.

For many people, individual health insurance makes more sense. And for less than you think, you can get a comprehensive health insurance plan designed to fit your needs.

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