• If you are married (even if you are separated) do you need to file a joint federal tax return?
    In order to qualify for a subsidy, you must file a joint tax return if you are still married. If you are in the process of getting divorced, the divorce must be effective by 12/31 for you to qualify for a subsidy.
  • Do you plan to file a federal tax return?
    You must file a tax return to qualify for a subsidy.
  • Are you currently employed or have some source of income?
    Social Security or Unemployment qualifies.  You must have income above $11,670 if are 1 person household, $15,730 for 2 person household, $19,790 for 3 person household, $23,850 for 4 person household


  • Are you currently on Medicaid?
    You are not eligible for a subsidy if you are currently covered by a government plan like Medicaid or Medicare.
  • Are you eligible to purchase health insurance or if you are offered coverage from your employer or your spouse’s employer?
    You are not eligible for a subsidy if you are eligible for coverage from an employer unless the cost of coverage exceeds 9.5% of employees salary or does not meet standard of minimum coverage. However, you can still purchase coverage without a subsidy.